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    Following the successful takeover and renaming of the Valora Services Division in July 2014 Thomas Kirschner’s 7Days Media Services GmbH (7Days) has now also taken over the goods logistics at Valora Retail Switzerland.

  • 30.09.2014 Number 1 throughout Switzerland

    7Days Media Services supplies over 5,000 press outlets and 7,500 parcel logistics customers with the latest press titles.

  • 30.09.2014 New impetus in the press business

    "7Days Media Services" is the new company taking over the press wholesale business in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland as well as the logistics brand "nilo Night Logistics".

We help our business partners to focus on achieving their targets.

The core component of the press wholesale business is positive, close and coordinated collaboration with publishers and retailers. We offer comprehensive and professional support and advice for both stakeholder groups with the following strengths and competencies:

  • Years of experience in the press business and a high level of international press competency with a wealth of best practice examples.
  • Professional product range design, scheduling, order picking and distribution of print products
  • Qualified key account managers and field staff with extensive local market, press and retail knowledge.
  • Extensive knowledge of regional and seasonal market conditions, detailed understanding of press publication and reader trends
  • Solution-driven Contact Centre team with a wealth of experience in handling customer complaints
  • Effective and efficient back-office functions and processes

7Days Media Services GmbH, Frankfurt/Main          Zweigniederlassung Egerkingen

Riedstrasse 4
CH-4132 Egerkingen

T +41 58 470 20 00
F +41 58 470 34 50